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Oct. 21
21 October 2010

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mauro brando on Dungeness Bridge
Nice B&W image! Great composition! Nice shot!

straightlines on Abstract View

Bruce on Abstract View
Thanks for all the comments

omid on Abstract View
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

helys on Abstract View
Perfect Colors, graphisms, move, lighting

Basile Pesso on Abstract View

Ronnie 2¢ on Abstract View
Nice work - so many folk miss opportunities like this.

Bruno F on Abstract View
Nice abstract !

my-ky on Abstract View

omid on Crescent Lake
very nice!!!

Bruce on McSmurf
Thanks for taking the time to comment. Liked the fried egg face shot on your site. Don't have the culinary ...

Jason Kravitz on McSmurf
nicely spotted - Smurfs are all over Belgium too - must be a big movie promotion !

Bruce on Olympic Mountains

DarkElf on Olympic Mountains
very nice composition and colours!

Shaahin Bahremand on Asian Lillies
great shot . wonderful colors ! i will happy if you see my pictures !

Bruce on Street Reflection

tulip on Street Reflection
very interesting photo

barbod on Spitfire
very nice

Bruce on Colored Gate
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Took a look at your site. Some very nice photos.

~ Karine ~ KLB ~ on Colored Gate
Really like this jumble !! A great idea, and a perfect achievement. The framing is amazing to play with all the ...

KaZ on March 6
Looking at your portfolio, my eyes stopped on this marvelous orange wall. The thumbnail is very attractive, and ...

parisa on Broom and Dust Pan
nice color

Katalog Stron on Dec. 31
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Tulip on Dec. 12
very interesting

Bruce on Dec. 10
I'll probably take a break at year's end as well. Might shoot a little film for a change of pace. I've ...

Francesco on Dec. 10
How is going with the task .... I will stop end of the month. One year is way too loooooong!!! Anyway I will be in SF ...

JCJ on Dec. 7
Christian Science ? i take a look in wikipedia, i discover another strange movement... there is numerous religious ...

Elaine Hancock on Nov. 27
Beautiful shot! This is a gorgeous tree!

Bruce on Nov. 25
Thanks for the comments. I'm down in the San Diego area a few times a year, but I normally don't make it in ...

CLODO on Nov. 25
Hi Bruce Nice visit to the ornithologic park. The birds are always still! Cheers

Garfield on Nov. 25
Hey Bruce, what a find .. extraordinary!

Jason Kravitz on Nov. 23
that is a charismatic sign - I can see how you were eager to grab a shot - nice catch

Rick on Aug 16
Very nice use of color -- and yes finding that balance between shutter speed, camera movement, and still being able to ...

Bruce on Oct. 30
Thanks for looking

ORBIT on Oct. 30
Hehehe...Cute. : )

laura on Oct. 24
i can't stop laughing at this dog sign. you are absolutely right, if he can read it then he should know better. ...

Francesco on Oct. 2
Looks like something my son will like.

Jutta on Sept. 26
Hi Bruce, have a good time with my sister.

Francesco on Sept. 26
Very nice. This is a sort of photos I am also busy with ... Even if this week I have guests and need to take a ...

Bruce on Sept. 18
Thanks for looking. Lots of great stuff on your blog. It's amazing. We both live in the same town yet our ...

Becky on Sept. 18
VERY very cool!

Francesco on Sept. 15
I see an Italian flag up there!

Francesco on Sept. 14
It worked very well! I also though you used a fish eye!

Dutçh on Sept. 14
Wow it did work out well. I would have thought you used a fisheye or something of that caliber.

Bruce on Sept. 12
Thanks for the comment.

Karrie on Sept. 12
gorgeous color and light!

Bruce on Sept. 4
I'm willing to bet that among great landscape photographers, there's a high percentage of insomniacs.

Dutçh on Sept. 3
I take photos of benches too, there's something about them :)

Dutçh on Sept. 4
I agree with you on the love of sleep thing. People get up at crazy hours or stay out in mosquito infested fields in ...

Francesco on Sept. 3
It gives the feeling to sit on it. Benches here are so much more .... just wood or stone bricks.

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